Ten Reasons Why Some Christians Avoid or Reject Evolution?


  • It has been a traditional belief for generations that the Bible says – God created the Universe, the Earth and Mankind in six –twenty four hour days. We must not disagree with tradition!
  • To suggest, that the progressive advancement of scientific knowledge should become a basis for the understanding of beginnings, is blasphemous and tends to discredit the Bible!
  • Most laypersons are not educated enough in scientific disciplines to understand complex evolutionary processes.
  • Some Christians would rather blindly accept the literal interpretation of Genesis 1 & 2 so they want have to study and think. After all “blind faith” is far more acceptable than an “informed faith”.
  • Some say: “Since the Biblical Story of beginnings has little to do with their Christian faith, outlined in the New Testament, why worry about it?”
  • Many (if not most) Christians have been taught by their church leadership that “the Bible is God’s Word” rather than “the Bible contains God’s Word”. To suggest that God’s Word may be hidden in Biblical allegories makes some people nervous.
  • Many hold on to the ancient tradition that the Bible contains all important information and knowledge regarding God’s creation. Who needs science?
  • The history of science has included a number of brilliant and capable atheists. No one should trust the scientific research and discoveries of an atheist!
  • God will object to man’s probing into and challenging traditional concepts of creation. One must simply accept the conventional wisdom by faith.
  • The complex concepts of Evolution involve six to eight technical disciplines (i.e. geology, biology) that most well meaning Christians are not trained to understand.

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