Historic Traditions (attachment 1)



Examples of Good and Lasting Traditions include:

  • Celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
  • Celebration of special national holidays – New Years Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th July & Labor Day
  • Celebration of birthdays and anniversaries
  • Attending church and Sunday School
  • Apostles Creed, the Eucharist and Hymns
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Star Spangle Banner
  • Political Elections
  • Marriage
  • Classic Poetry

At various times in history, the Christian church supported and often defended the following past traditions:

  • The earth is flat (from Socrates 400BC to Columbus 1492 – almost 2000 years).
  • The sun and other planets orbit around the earth – Copernicus reversed this tradition confirmed by Galileo
  • No one but ordained clergy may own or read the Bible – subject to persecution by the church.
  • The first born son shall inherit all of his father’s estate.
  • Slavery is justified for economic reasons.
  • The white race is superior to all other races. We now know this is a social and political distinction.
  • A woman’s place is in the home – subject to the wishes of her husband.
  • Women may not own property, have a bank account or vote – up until 1920 in this country.
  • Men should be paid more than women for the same job.
  • Women may not be ordained as ministers in the church.

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