About Bill Peck


Bill Peck is a seasoned Management Consultant with over 50 years of consulting technical businesses.  A Georgia Tech Graduate, Bill has written numerous articles relevant to engineering firms,  “small business re-structuring”, “financial strategies” and managing team workshops.

Furthermore, for many years Bill has led Sunday School classrooms in Bible teachings, and Evolution discussions.  Conducting Evolution Seminars has been a passion for Bill which continues to grow stronger while sharing his research, advanced studies, and excitement on the history of earth’s beginnings.

This blog is written to educate, introduce, convey, express, provoke, enlighten, entertain, or perhaps  “document” years of thoroughly studying the Evolution phenomena.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read a few articles that Mr. Peck has written.  These pages primarily reveal a different point of view, discovery, scientific / religious aspect and closer understanding of Theological topics relating to modern day Christianity and Evolution.

Bill resides in Georgia with his wife of 56 years.  He has 2 grown daughters, and 3 grand children. An avid fisherman, Bill continues to study, research, and dedicate time learning and sharing more information regarding Evolution and other Theological topics.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.  Hopefully, you’ll stay tuned to future postings.

We welcome and appreciate your comments.

Bill Peck


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